Weight Loss for the Elderly

If you are in your 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s and find yourself overweight or obese, you need to consider reducing some weight. The reason is that when you are overweight and growing older, you can face many health complications.

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Unlike when you are younger, staying at the ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) when you grow older is important. When you are younger, you have the ability to exercise, move around more, but as you grow older you are move stationary and due to this you may end up with gaining weight.

What to do when you start gaining weight

There are a few things you can do to stay in shape and not gain too much weight. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Perform low-impact exercises

There are many forms of exercises that will not impact your body too much and will help you stay in shape. When you are older, your joints cannot handle too much stress and therefore, exercises such as yoga and walking are great for you.

Yoga is a great workout as it helps to work the body with fluid motions. In many Asian countries, the older generation can be seen performing yoga and similar exercises in parks and recreational facilities. It is also a fact that the life expectancy of Asian people is more due to their way of life.

2. Eat well-balanced food

k7j6h5g4The food we eat is very important to live a healthy life. When a person gets older, the consumption of food must also change. Portions must also be reduced, and you must eat foods high in fibre and low in carbohydrates. This will stop additional weight being gained and will give you the nutrients you need without the carbs.

3. Taking the correct vitamins, minerals and supplements

When you get older, your body loses its capacity to break down food and absorb nutrients. Therefore, you need to add supplements to your diet to help you compensate for the lack of such nutrients.


No matter your age, you must ensure you are at the appropriate weight. This is so that you can avoid illnesses and be more active. If you neglect this, you will find that you are not happy and fall sick often. Stay healthy with the above tips and you will always feel young.

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Obesity 05

What Should Your Weight Be?

We all know that obesity is becoming a problem in many countries around the world. However, what we don’t realize is that obesity comes about by being overweight first. The issue is many people do not realize that they are overweight. A common question on many people’s minds is how to know what weight is ideal for their age and height.

To know what your ideal body weight should be will depend on a few factors. To determine what Weight Loss 44your should weight in other words your ideal body weight, you must consider your age, height, bone density, sex, and muscle fat ratio.

Many doctors will tell to calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI to know what your ideal weight should be while other disagree and say that the BMI does not take into account the muscle mass and that it is better to use the waist – hip ratio to learn the ideal weight you should be.

In fact, the body weight that is right for one person may not be the same for another person of the same age. If you compare yourself with your family and friend or those around you, there will be a vast array in the difference between the ideal body weight.

The basic thing to remember is that you may not be overweight if someone who is your same age doses not weigh as much. Many people compare themselves to their peers and think they are overweight, and the fact remains that they may not be. If you are really overweight and want to lose the excess weight you should consider eating healthy food while trying to reduce your calories intake. Avoid junk food as they contain loads of salt, sugar and other additives that are not good for your health. Try to be physically active as this will help your body stay fit and keep your metabolism working so that your body can digest the food well.

before-afterThere are many people who go for the weight loss supplements as a way to lose weight without much effort. While there are some that work, they may be made from artificial chemicals. If you want to take a supplement, it is best to go for an all natural one that will not have any side effects on your overall health.  To learn more about natural weight loss click here.

Remember that it is very important to know if you are overweight or not, there are many people who are simply big made. Some people have very high bone density, and the weight they carry are mostly from their bones. Therefore, they cannot be considered as overweight. If you are unsure what your ideal weight should be, consult a doctor and ask for advice.

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