What is the Main Culprit That is Making You Fat?

It’s very frustrating when no matter how much you workout and diet, you still gain weight. This frustration is what leads people to go to unconventional methods of losing weight such as pills and extreme diet plans. What most people don’t know is that gaining weight is caused by more than just food. One can starve themselves to death and still acquire a pound every week. This article will look at the main culprit that could be causing your weight gain; hormones.

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How Hormones Make You Fat

The simple explanation of weight gain is that we take more calories than we expend. Biologically, excess fat should be converted to energy and fuel not stored in weird areas. However, hormonal imbalance especially insulin resistance and low levels of testosterone cause a shift from the standard functions. When the brain does not detect insulin production, more insulin is produced. When a lot of insulin is being produced, the brain tells fat cells to store fat instead of releasing them for energy use. This means the more you eat starch, sugar and fats, the more insulin you have and the faster you will store unwanted fat. This, in turn, makes someone feel tired and clogged up, so they don’t have the energy to exercise or do fun things.

Factors that Cause Hormonal Imbalance

1. Age

As people get older, hormones go out of order. Men start losing testosterone and women near menopause. This means your metabolism slows down and can’t burn fat as fast. Years of bad diet also cause insulin resistance making it very easy for the body to continue making more. At this age, instead of eating starchy food, one should load up on more proteins because they are easier to digest. Aging can definitely make it harder for you to lose weight.

2. Medication

Medication is vital when it comes to disrupting hormones. Things like family planning methods, steroids, medication for heart disease, seizure, and high blood pressure cause excess hormones. This affects metabolism in the wrong way and as a result, one gains weight.

3. Depression

There are two ways depression can cause weight gain and hormonal imbalance. One, being stressed produces a hormone that makes us overeat. Depressed people eat to fill a void or numb pain and mostly go for sweet comfort food. This is done especially at night before they sleep and depressed people don’t work out.

Secondly, someone who is on antidepressants will gain weight because of the medication. Antidepressants are made to alter the brain function so someone can be happy and this will mess with hormones. People who are depressed should be put on other therapies like counseling, support groups and exercise to ensure they don’t need food and medication.

Gaining weight is a complicated matter. If one can put their finger on what is causing it, it can be easier to reverse. Knowing that hormone play a significant role in this tragedy is a good start. You can try to get your hormones balanced by stopping whatever is causing the imbalance or just know what to do about it. All in all plenty of water is crucial. Fruits, vegetables and a balanced diet low in carbohydrates and sugars also help.



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