Your Work and Weight Gain


Many people get confused about the fact that they gain weight more than others. There are many reasons that can cause weight gain on people and in this post we will address some of these issues.

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It is a myth that weight gain is only caused by eating too much. In fact, weight gain can be due to several reasons. Here are some of them.

The amount of physical activity

In today’s modernized world, employment in many industries requires people to be seated at a desk for the full day that they work. Jobs such as telemarketing, customer service, online work and documentation do not require much physical movement. In the past, people used to have to move about more when performing their duties.


People are more reliant on cars and other modes of transportation to go about to work and other places. We hardly walk much and even the use of escalator, travelators and elevators have made people less active. Therefore, more weight gain can be seen. Many do not walk to work even if they live close by and use their cars instead.

Hobbies and sports

If we look at the young generation, children and teenagers are more interested in playing video games or being stuck on their phones rather than going out to the park or playing a physically demanding sport. This is one of the leading causes of childhood obesity.


gbnhyEven though the primary cause of weight gain, it is only if the food intake is not a nutritious and balanced one. Eating food laden with oil and fat is the main reason people find themselves getting fat. If you eat a well-balanced diet that comprises of vegetables, fruits and lean meat you will find that you will not gain weight as long as you stay physically active.

At the end of the day what you must understand is that physical activity keeps your bodies metabolism working, and this helps burn fat and gives you the energy you need to perform well. If you start gaining weight, you will not only increase in size, but you will notice a reduction in your energy levels which can make you not want to be physically active.


Everyone should make some time in their daily schedule to workout. Even if it is as simple as walking to work daily. Try to sit in one place less so that your body can move and your metabolism will work well.

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